Precious Gemstones

We are a distinguished wholesaler and supplier of an extensive range of high quality precious gems. These precious gemstones reflect different human qualities and indicate the various requirements and needs. Apart from these, these precious gemstones also help the wearers in achieving their dreams and fulfilling their diverse needs. All the precious gemstones offered by us are genuine and accurate. Our exclusive collection of Precious Gemstones meets the variety of demands of our esteemed customers. Each and every gem has its own qualities and represents particular “Grahas”. The extensive range of our Precious Gemstones includes the following gems:

Yellow Sapphire: We offer a distinguished range of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) to our esteemed clients. It is supposed to be the stone for Bhrashpati or Jupiter. Having the brilliant yellow color, this gem is influential for prosperity, material wealth, and status. Also, it helps in bringing growth in services and business. Apart from this, it also helps in eliminating hurdles from love and marriage life. People, who are aspiring for administrative and political positions, find this gemstone very appropriate.

Blue Sapphire: We have a vast experience in offering a distinguished range of Blue Sapphire (Neelam) to our clients based all across the domestic market. Reflecting the shades of sky, the blue sapphire represents truth, sincerity, nobility, and faithfulness. Available in variety of shades from very light blue to very dark violet to greenish blue, this sapphire meets the diverse demands of our customers. But the most valuable sapphire is considered to be of velvet blue to violet blue in tone. To improve their color & clarity, 95% of the blue sapphires are heated or lattice diffused, according to the sources of GIA. The most expensive and rarely available sapphires in the market are those, which are untreated. However, the chemical composition of this gemstone is mixture of titanium, aluminum, iron, and oxide.