Attar - Itra

The word is derived from an Arabic word 'Itr' meaning a perfume. In Persian, 'atra jul' means the 'fat of the flower'. In general, the term is used to signify a concentrate essence of a fragrant material. These are normally stored in porous skin bottles known as 'kuppi'. The temperature and speed of distillation is oriented by regulating the fire and dose of fuel. The distillation set-up is managed by skilled workers, called 'Dighaa'. The water in the tank is changed continuously to prevent the temperature from rising too high. Managing the still is highly skilled job, as the operator must keep the boiling in the still at a level that is in accordance to the condensation in the receiver, in order to keep the pressure under control.

The receiver is then allowed to cool. The mixture of oil and water is then further removed in a similar manner. In the case of Rose, this water is cohobated. After required optimum concentration of the Itra has been achieved, the same is poured and stocked in leather bottles. For the manufacture of floral attars, the flowers are required to be processed quickly upon being plucked. Hence, this work starts early in the morning because at that time flowers possess maximum aroma. The equipments used for this purpose are simple, light weight, easy to repair and the whole process takes place in remote villages.

Some of Attar - Itra

  • Chandan: Natural aroma of Sandalwood having mild and soft smell. Vastly used in personal care round the year.
  • Gil (Mitti): Smell of the Earth after the first shower of rain. Produced by steam distillation of baked Earth over Sandalwood.
  • Gul Hina: Natural extract of Mehandi possessing a typically soft and sweet aroma.
  • Gulab: Special variety of rose flowers distilled over sandalwood oil.
  • Hina: An intricate combination of over sixty herbs and spices. A sweet, spicy and warm fragrance, exclusively for winters.
  • Keora: Processed by distillation of Keora balis over Sandalwood. Sweet, mild aroma, also known as sweet itra.
  • Khus: Processed by distillation of roots of vetivert. Soothing, sweet and earthy aroma with an intrinsic feel of a cool breeze. Best for summers. The highest quality is found in North India.
  • Motia: A variety of Jasmine flowers, distilled over Sandalwood. Has a fresh, mild floral fragrance.
  • Musk Amber: A rich and sophisticated blend of vivid herbs and spices possessing a warm, heavy and spicy aroma. Exclusively for winters.
  • Shamama: Saffron based warm, spicy and heady blend.