5 (Five) Mukhi Rudraksha

It is the most common rudraksha. Indonesian five mukhi beads are smaller in size in comparison to Nepal beads. This rudraksha is like devguru (Guru of Devas) as it is controlled by the planet Vrishaspati (Jupiter). It is believed that by wearing three large five mukhi beads one can avoid accidental death.

Five mukhi rudraksha gives fame and mental peace. With respect to its medicinal values, it is videly used to control blood pressure, diabetes and diseases of ears, thighs and kidney.

This represents Lord Shiva. The wearer of five Mukhi mala gains health and peace. Five Mukhi mala is also used for japa. By wearing the mala the wearer's mind remains peaceful. There is no suspicion about the fact that the wearer of Five Mukhi Rudraksha mala never gets untimely death. Its ruling planet is Jupiter.

Mantra - Om Hreem Namah

Ruling Planet - Jupitar

Affects all major Chakra Points. Recommended for Bone Marrow, Liver, Kidney, Feet, Thigh, Ear, diseases of fat and Diabetes.